Off the Loom – Cushion Cover

I've finally taken my cushion cover weave off the loom! And I love how it's light as a feather (when compared to a knit garment of similar size.) Considering I used a pattern of my own design, I'm pleased with how it looks. I'm pretty impressed with how a rigid heddle loom can support patterns … Continue reading Off the Loom – Cushion Cover

Much Better!

My weaving experiment with gauges for patterns went well. As in, I now know what not to do when using a rigid heddle loom. 🙂 My experiment involved some finagling to make the required epi (ends, or threads, per inch) work with my heddle, which has a fixed dpi (number of dents, or openings, per … Continue reading Much Better!

New Project, and Gauge Experiments

I'm excited to finally start a project that I have been wanting to for a long time--weaving cushion covers! This will be my second project on a rigid heddle loom. My first was a plainweave table runner, and I want to weave a pattern now. I spent quite some time playing with various patterns, and … Continue reading New Project, and Gauge Experiments

Helix Hat

Here's the hat that I'd been knitting for my mom! I made this hat after frogging the Grimm Hat project from earlier, which had turned out a tighter fit than we'd expected. I used the same yarn for this hat too, and held the yarn double just like I did earlier. My mom'd liked the … Continue reading Helix Hat

Loom Weaving Test

I tried my hand at weaving on the loom that I bought recently, and made a thing! Admittedly, the color is a bit weird, but it was a deliberate decision on my part since I chose yarns I don't mind wasting if things didn't turn out right. But they did turn out right, as it … Continue reading Loom Weaving Test

Weaving News!

Since my previous post, there have been a couple of developments in my nascent weaving life. I found my weaving UFO - the third placemat, resumed working on it, and completed it (not very neatly, I must say.) I even added a crochet border similar to the ones I'd added to the other two, so … Continue reading Weaving News!

WIP: Amherst Cardigan

I finished the sleeves of my Amherst cardigan, and they fit just the way I like them! The Brioche stitching of the cuffs never seemed to end, but it finally did, icord-style. Brioche stitch looks wonderful with two colors - I like it more than the single color version - but I don't think its  … Continue reading WIP: Amherst Cardigan

Something New…

Lately, I've been a bit bored with my usual pursuits, and I ended up trying a couple of new creative outlets. Gel printing was one, and the other - weaving. I experimented with a cardboard sheet, some reclaimed yarn from a UFO, and a tapestry needle. I cut notches into the cardboard to use as … Continue reading Something New…