WIP: Amherst Cardigan

I finished the sleeves of my Amherst cardigan, and they fit just the way I like them! The Brioche stitching of the cuffs never seemed to end, but it finally did, icord-style. Brioche stitch looks wonderful with two colors – I like it more than the single color version – but I don’t think its  2-passes-per-row paradigm is for me. With my already-slow knitting pace, this stitch just takes forever.

Amherst Cardigan - finished sleeves
Does it look like the sleeves are ready for a fight? I think they are!

Though I decided earlier that I’ll pause the sweater after the sleeves, I think the tiny success of the sleeves has made my knitting mood stay put, and I’ll continue working on this one, though maybe only a row or two if I’m up to it before I go to bed, since that’s when it’s not too hot. This sweater will definitely only be ready by this year’s winter, since the band at the hip is also a Brioche stitch one and will take a while to complete. 🙂

In other news, my hopes of having the 2019 Linen and Threads SAL be my alternate project have ended. Three months in and it’s still not speaking to me, so I’ll just not join this year.

Stripey Mat Weaving - III
The picture is not great quality, but I assure you, neither is the weaving…

So for a change of pace from the knitting, I’ve started weaving a third placemat to add to the two that I’d already made. No new techniques here – just multiple, uneven stripes of the two colors instead of the earlier A-B-A color placement. However, I already seem to have forgotten how to weave neatly – the weft in this one is all over the place. Maybe I should weave slower in order to ensure even tension in each pass? I’ll have to figure this one out.

13 thoughts on “WIP: Amherst Cardigan

  1. As for the weaving, you can just decide that it’s a textured placemat, and it’s done on purpose. I find it my favourite method of dealing with the projects that I find a little “off” (compared to what I wanted to achieve). And from what I see, your placemat actually has that cool textured look!
    The sweater is beautiful, I really like the brioche details. Is it just the photo or is the second colour in brioche different in the yoke and in the sleeves? I like the idea of using different colours, but either way, it looks great!

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    1. The brioche stitch in the cuffs is a single-color one – that’s why I was able to decide that I like the 2-color one better! 😉
      I also like the idea of deciding what the project is while / after I create it, lol…


      1. Oh that’s surprising, it looks like the background stitch ( if that makes sense, no idea how it’s called in brioche) is darker yarn😲 or maybe it’s just me 🤔
        Enjoy the rest of your knitting!

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    1. Thank you, Alissa! I wish I could’ve knit the cuffs in two colors too, but then they wouldn’t look that good. I too love them as they are now.

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  2. Your sweater sleeves look amazing. So perfectly stitched! And the cuffs are amazing. I’ve not tried that technique and after hearing how long it takes, have no desire to try at this point. But the result is awesome. The 2019 wasn’t an “Oh my gosh I have to do this one”, but I jumped in. I think because it will be a nice break in between trying to get other projects finished. And new ones started, I’m sure. I know nothing about weaving, but what you have there looks pretty awesome to me.

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    1. I didn’t mean to drive you away from brioche stitch, Ginny! 🙂 It’s slow but as you said, the results look great – I especially like the 2-color version, that one’s perfect for a reversible cowl. I agree the cross-stitch would have made for a nice change from other projects – I think I find weaving similar to knitting, probably because the yarn is the same kind (unlike embroidery) so it doesn’t feel too much like a break.

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