Projects Galore

I have a few projects going on, with a little bit of progress on each of them this month. Since I usually don't have a lot of WIPs, it feels like a flood of projects to me. 🙂 I'd expected September to be pretty busy life-wise, but Murphy strikes again, because some of the necessary-evil … Continue reading Projects Galore

WIP: Cotswolds Sweater

My Cotswolds Sweater is still in progress, and I still have a lot of knitting to do. That's because I frogged most of it. Froggy is back! Since my last post, I'd continued knitting the sleeves. I usually knit both sleeves simultaneously using a long circular needle, and this time was no different. I tried … Continue reading WIP: Cotswolds Sweater

WIP: Cotswolds Sweater

I'm finally knitting, yay! My current project is the Cotswolds Sweater (pattern by Laura Hulslander.) I love that it has a lace detail at the back. Regular sweaters usually result in a sweaty back for me, so I'm hoping the lace prevents that. (That's why I prefer shawls these days - I can just bunch … Continue reading WIP: Cotswolds Sweater

Helix Hat

Here's the hat that I'd been knitting for my mom! I made this hat after frogging the Grimm Hat project from earlier, which had turned out a tighter fit than we'd expected. I used the same yarn for this hat too, and held the yarn double just like I did earlier. My mom'd liked the … Continue reading Helix Hat

And the Knitting Resumes

The weather's consistently cooler these days, and that means knitting's back in my crafty corner! First, there's the Grimm Hat project, which I'd frogged since it turned out a bit too thick and cozy for my mom's taste - I'm now resuming a knitted hat that I'd started making with the yarn. I should finish … Continue reading And the Knitting Resumes

Basket Case Cardigan

I finished my Basket Case Cardigan (pattern by Kristen TenDyke) - and how I love it! I had a larger-than-usual quantity of this yarn, so I made the sweater's body longer than the pattern called for. I still have a little ball of the yarn left, and it'll go with the rest of my leftover … Continue reading Basket Case Cardigan

Torque Hat

I've gone from recently lamenting on not having WIP projects to having more than one! And I'm definitely not complaining. My Basket Case Cardigan is nearing completion, but I took a break from it to make my mom a hat. She doesn't usually wear hats, but increasingly colder winds in recent winters finally convinced her … Continue reading Torque Hat

WIP: Basket Case Cardigan

Ever since my do-nothing break, I've been knitting fairly often, if not every day. And I've made good progress on the sleeves. I'm knitting both sleeves simultaneously. I usually work with a single long circular needle and knit both sleeves on it, but my long needles set doesn't contain the 4.5mm needles that I need … Continue reading WIP: Basket Case Cardigan

WIP: Basket Case Cardigan

I'm knitting away - sporadically as usual - on the Basket Case Cardigan. I enjoyed a week-long staycation earlier this month during Diwali, and I'd thought of making significant progress on the project then. However, I rarely picked up the knitting. I actually spent quite a few vacation days lounging about doing nothing much of … Continue reading WIP: Basket Case Cardigan

New Project: Basket Case Cardigan

Woot! I'm knitting again. Looks like buying a loom was the impetus for yarny project ideas to start showing themselves to my mind - even if they're not related to weaving. 😉 A couple of weeks ago, I was checking out yarn from my stash to use in an rectangular, 'real' weaving project - even … Continue reading New Project: Basket Case Cardigan