Wall hanging

This is what came about from an evening or two of knotting leftover yarn from my knitting projects.

Macramé wall hanging

Macramé wall hanging

I’d cut these yarn lengths for another macramé project. That hadn’t gone as well as this one, and I’d abandoned it, salvaging the yarn that remained. The yarn is too thin by itself, so I used a bunch of same-color lengths for a single macramé ‘cord’. Also, the two colors are of different thicknesses and textures, so I compensated by choosing a different number of threads for bunches of one color, and a different number for the other color.

My sister has these wooden sticks, one of which I used as the anchor for this piece. I started out with reverse lark’s head knots, and did some fancy interweaving of cords. I had intended to make basic square knots, but with all that fanciness happening, I ended up not concentrating, and the knots are… well, I don’t think they’re any macramé knots I know. 😀 I realized it soon enough, but felt it was too much effort to undo all the knots I’d made till then, so I continued with the same knot so it would look consistent. As we say at work — “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature.” 😉

To finish the piece, I made sections of double-half hitch knots to get all the cord bunches back to their original pattern. I then strung the bunches through some large-hole beads, and arranged the beads into two lines.

I left the ends as is.

This piece hangs on the wall adjoining my room’s door, and looks awesome when the sunlight hits it, because of the shine in the lighter yarn. I tried seeing if it would go on the door itself, but the colors don’t show very well against the door’s paint. (This calls for another decorative macramé project… A door-hanging decor project!)


Macramé owl

I’ve been meaning to post about this macramé owl that I made a while back. I discovered macramé many years ago, but I’d only been using square knots then. (I’ll post about stuff that I did using square knots some other time.) And then, I don’t really know why, but I didn’t do any macramé for a very long time. Until recently, that is. I rediscovered macramé a few months ago, and have been trying my hand at things, mostly jewelry. I also started a mega-project that I know I’ll take a reaaallly long time to work on slowly to completion. Meanwhile, I think it’s time I mention the owl that I made.

Macramé Owl
This owl was the first ‘real’ project I worked on when I learned about double half-hitch knots. I used the yarn left over from one of my cardigan projects for my sister, with some cheap black yarn for the top, and some green-yellow beads for the eyes and beak. I followed video instructions by Macramé School for the most part, except at the end when I almost ran out of yarn, and had to finish the owl my own style! 😉

I clicked this photograph before I eventually added a few jump rings at the top and gifted it to my sister. I thought she would use it as a key chain; she has attached it to the mirror on her cupboard. Well, not that I mind; whatever floats her boat… 🙂

I wanna make a giant Macramé owl some day. A monster owl is still cute, isn’t it?