Helix Hat

Here’s the hat that I’d been knitting for my mom!

Helix Hat | Knitting | Anita

I made this hat after frogging the Grimm Hat project from earlier, which had turned out a tighter fit than we’d expected. I used the same yarn for this hat too, and held the yarn double just like I did earlier.

My mom’d liked the edge on the Grimm Hat, so I knit a similar diagonally striped one with garter stitches, using increases and decreases. The stripes are more S/Z shaped, and not straight lines, since my increases and decreases weren’t at the very edge of the rows. My mom and I are both happy with this brim nonetheless.

Helix Hat | Knitting | Anita

The hat’s body is made of single-row stripes of alternating color. I used helix (or helical) knitting to make the stripes in a jogless manner. The knitting technique is what inspired the hat’s name. (Also, alliteration is always alluring. 😉 ) The hat is much floppier and squishier than earlier and fits better, and my mom’s happy with it. So that’s one project checked off my list!

Other projects

My next knitting project is a top-down cardigan version of the Cotswolds Sweater (pattern by Laura Hulslander), which is a bottom-up pullover. I’m mostly done modifying and charting the pattern to suit my requirements.

On my Linen and Threads MSAL project, I’m making lots of back stitches, which is not fun. I’ve decided to skip the partial stitches to keep the irritation factor to a minimum. 🙂

I’ve also ordered some yarn for a possible future weaving project – cushion covers. I still need to figure this one out, though, and hope to learn some weaving patterns / techniques from this project. The possibilities are exciting!

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    1. Thank you, the hat’s peak came about from using a small crochet hook to bind off the thick yarn. I’m going to try and replicate it sometime.


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