Linen and Threads MSAL 2021 /4

I eventually completed the March section of the Linen and Threads MSAL, after I worked on the border of the April section as a kind of a break. For the March section's flowers, I stuck with my idea of a 'scribbly' version, with one strand each of yellow and red held together. This resulted in … Continue reading Linen and Threads MSAL 2021 /4

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Linen and Threads MSAL 2021 /3

Oh the March section of the Linen and Threads MSAL! I'm still plodding through it since March turned out to be a busy month. I seem to have finished about 3/4th of the section so far. There are flowers in the gaps between the greens, which I will get to next. I'd kept the flowers … Continue reading Linen and Threads MSAL 2021 /3

Linen and Threads MSAL 2021 /2

I've completed the February section of the Linen and Threads MSAL! I love that the SAL fulfills my expectations of using a lot of colors this year - the sections are not too large, and that means I can use a variety of colors spread across small areas. Aren't the flowers cute? 🙂 The section's … Continue reading Linen and Threads MSAL 2021 /2

WIP: Grimm Hat

I started on the Grimm Hat (Pattern by Sue Perez) since my mom wants a thicker hat for colder mornings. This hat uses crochet for its construction, so I'm hoping it meets her expectations. I liked the oblique / diagonal stripes on the hat band. I ended up changing the join row - I'm unsure … Continue reading WIP: Grimm Hat

Linen and Threads MSAL 2021 /1

I'm joining the Linen and Threads Mystery Stitch Along for 2021 - yay! This year, the mystery sampler is inspired by the Talavera pottery tradition of Mexico and Spain. The pottery is decorated with an ensemble of colors, and I thought it's the perfect use for the various bits of colored embroidery floss I own. … Continue reading Linen and Threads MSAL 2021 /1

Basket Case Cardigan

I finished my Basket Case Cardigan (pattern by Kristen TenDyke) - and how I love it! I had a larger-than-usual quantity of this yarn, so I made the sweater's body longer than the pattern called for. I still have a little ball of the yarn left, and it'll go with the rest of my leftover … Continue reading Basket Case Cardigan

Torque Hat

I've gone from recently lamenting on not having WIP projects to having more than one! And I'm definitely not complaining. My Basket Case Cardigan is nearing completion, but I took a break from it to make my mom a hat. She doesn't usually wear hats, but increasingly colder winds in recent winters finally convinced her … Continue reading Torque Hat

WIP: Basket Case Cardigan

Ever since my do-nothing break, I've been knitting fairly often, if not every day. And I've made good progress on the sleeves. I'm knitting both sleeves simultaneously. I usually work with a single long circular needle and knit both sleeves on it, but my long needles set doesn't contain the 4.5mm needles that I need … Continue reading WIP: Basket Case Cardigan

WIP: Basket Case Cardigan

I'm knitting away - sporadically as usual - on the Basket Case Cardigan. I enjoyed a week-long staycation earlier this month during Diwali, and I'd thought of making significant progress on the project then. However, I rarely picked up the knitting. I actually spent quite a few vacation days lounging about doing nothing much of … Continue reading WIP: Basket Case Cardigan

New Project: Basket Case Cardigan

Woot! I'm knitting again. Looks like buying a loom was the impetus for yarny project ideas to start showing themselves to my mind - even if they're not related to weaving. 😉 A couple of weeks ago, I was checking out yarn from my stash to use in an rectangular, 'real' weaving project - even … Continue reading New Project: Basket Case Cardigan