Waiting for a WIP

I think this is the longest I have gone without a 'big' yarny project - my latest was three months ago (the Strolling Round the Square Shawlette.) Though my creative urges are being satisfied by mixed media projects, I do miss working with yarns and threads. I miss it doubly when I go through a … Continue reading Waiting for a WIP

A ‘Fishy’ Sleeping Bag

I used up leftover yarn from a project or two, and made a sleeping bag for one of our favorite jewelry models - Penguin. 😀 This project was a UFO till recently - I think I'd started it more than a year ago. I'm pretty happy that I finally picked it up again and finished … Continue reading A ‘Fishy’ Sleeping Bag

Guess who’s ready to swatch?

My knitting mojo's back! (That break wasn't very long, was it? 😛 ) I'll not go back to the bamboo eyelet cardigan, but I'll not frog it either -- it's folded up for now, and its fate remains undecided. I'm all ready for a new project, though. I'd liked working with Nako Comfort Stretch sock-weight … Continue reading Guess who’s ready to swatch?

Potential froggings and possible breaks

Until a couple of weeks ago, my bamboo eyelet cardigan was coming along nicely, when suddenly, I started to not really like how it was shaping up. I don't have a reason for why I don't like it -- I just don't. I don't feel like continuing to work on it, but I don't feel … Continue reading Potential froggings and possible breaks