Through Thick and Thin – progress

I'm almost done with the back portion of the top, and will finish it with a k3p2 ribbing. I've been using TECHknitter's tip for a more uniform, less distorted fabric at the transition from stockinette to ribbing. And I must say it works great! Ah, the magic of slipped stitches! 🙂 I'm looking forward to … Continue reading Through Thick and Thin – progress

Horizontal cables cardigan

The horizontal cables sweater that I started quite a while ago is officially done today! And I ❤ it! The wide button band that I had in mind eventually ended up being a thinner no-button band -- just because the buttons I thought we already had for this cardigan weren't actually in our stash. I've … Continue reading Horizontal cables cardigan

Ribs and more ribs top

I was never sure about any element of this striped / ribbed top that I knit -- do I stop the ribs after the chest, do I then reintroduce the ribs after a while, do I shift the ribs instead, do I want a longer sleeve, do I add an edging in a different color … Continue reading Ribs and more ribs top

Eyelet-patterned raglan cardigan – the sleeves

As I'd decided, I stopped knitting the body of the cardigan when it reached a respectable length, and moved on to the sleeves. My sister, in between trying on the in-progress piece again and again, said sometime that the body actually feels long enough to her. Or maybe she said it because she got tired … Continue reading Eyelet-patterned raglan cardigan – the sleeves