Striped phone cover

... with flowers! This is a pretty old project of mine --  a phone cover made using leftover yarn from other projects. (After all, isn't that what phone cover projects use -- leftover yarn? Mine always have...) For the body, I knit in the round for the required length, alternating blue and pink rows. At … Continue reading Striped phone cover

The Magic Ring and I

If you think there's nothing really magical about the magic ring in crochet, you might want to think again. 😉 When I discovered it, it seemed nothing short of magic! The magic ring, or magic circle, is a great technique to make the starting, or innermost, circle of in-the-round crochet projects. During my early days … Continue reading The Magic Ring and I

A crocheted keychain ornament

I didn't work much on my cardigan project this past week since I was busy trying to figure out stuff for my new photo-blog, so I thought I'd write about a micro-project that I finished instead -- a crocheted keychain ornament. I finally got my house key copy from my dad, so I thought of … Continue reading A crocheted keychain ornament