Tubular bind off

I'd frogged an old sweater so I could remake it into something that I'd like better and wear more. I've started working on the new pullover, and this time, I decided to finish the neck first, instead of leaving it till the end like I always do. 1x1 rib seemed like a good match for … Continue reading Tubular bind off

Lacy Hearts cardigan — the beginning

When I moved back to Bangalore, I brought back some denim yarn with me, intending to make a cardigan with it. Since my last cardigan was for my sister, this one would be for my mom. Now, my mom normally isn't very precise or vocal about her preferences, so I had to have multiple interactions … Continue reading Lacy Hearts cardigan — the beginning

Eyelet-patterned raglan cardigan – finished!

The cardigan is finally done! For the edges, I finally ended up using a regular 1x1 ribbing. (Nothing like the ol' ribbing for sweaters...) It went pretty slow because I was busy with other stuff, and then I had to wait for my sister to model it -- she was busy with other stuff. She … Continue reading Eyelet-patterned raglan cardigan – finished!