WIP: Yesteryear Yoke

My crochet project is now underway!

I mentioned in my previous post that I own a top that I’ve only worn once so far – its lace yoke disintegrated at places when I washed it. (Talk about delicate!) I’ve been looking at making a crochet yoke for the top, so I can add it back into my wardrobe. Since I’ve not reached “level=designer” in crochet yet, I looked up patterns that I could use for the yoke, and chose the Yesteryear Top by Mimi Alelis.

Yesteryear Yoke | WIP | Anita

I couldn’t get the suggested gauge with the mercerized cotton thread that I’d chosen for this yoke, but after some calculations, I found that I could still follow instructions for a smaller size from the pattern, and get my desired fit. No conversions needed, yay! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve not followed crochet patterns before, and this project was the perfect opportunity to learn how to read a crochet chart. Between the clear, closeup pictures in the pattern and the instructions, it wasn’t too difficult to understand how to read the chart that was provided. I’ve completed almost half the project now, and fingers crossed the yoke does fit me fine.

By the way, if I’d assumed that crochet and knitting knowledge, like cycling or swimming, doesn’t fade with lack of use, I was proven wrong here, because I suddenly had doubts about the single crochet stitch(!) – I had to go on Youtube to reacquaint myself with it. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Has this ever happened to you?


Puck’s Tunic Inspired Shawl – WIP

My current project, a shawl for my sister, is inspired by a tunic. She really liked the pattern when we browsed through magazines for potential candidates, and I just have to multiply the pattern by N to make a shawl from a tunic, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

Puck’s Tunic is designed by Susanna IC. (Remember my Oshara Shawl from the only MKAL I’ve attempted so far? That’s her, too.) We ran into this project in the Summer 2017 issue of Interweave Knits. While the Oshara Shawl made liberal use of slip stitches for its zigzag patterning, this shawl uses some neat lacework for a zigzag pattern. I’ve inserted patterned columns at various points in the shawl, with stockinette stitch columns separating them.

Puck's Tunic inspired Shawl

Like always, as I love seeing the pattern form, I can’t wait to block the project, even if I’m not even close to done. ๐Ÿ™‚ This is one pattern that I haven’t gotten the hang of even after completing almost 5 repeats, and don’t think I ever will. I find this intriguing – it’s easy to see the pattern from the previous row, and it’s evident how the current row should go, but somehow, I can’t figure out the stitches that would make it happen. Maybe it’s some sort of mental block. Does this happen to you too?

I also find it interesting that I want to knit more shawls than sweaters now, and knit more lace patterns than cables. If I’d asked the me from one year ago if I’d ever want to knit lace shawls one after the other, the answer would have been an aghast “No!” Times do change, don’t they? ๐Ÿ™‚

WIP – Kashmiri Shawl

My Kashmiri Shawl is coming along well. I knit a couple more repeats of the first pattern than I’d originally planned – my row gauge had turned out to be a bit off – and now I’ve made about half a repeat of the second pattern.

I’ve not figured out the new pattern yet, and I find that I double-check my stitches a lot, and look up the pattern every RS row. I hope I get used to it soon, and knit without referring to the chart, because it’s no fun pausing the book that I listen to while I try to understand the current row – too many interruptions. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Kashmiri Shawl - WIP

I know I have miles to go before I’m done, but I just can’t wait to block this shawl! The yarn isn’t a stretchy one so the difference won’t be drastic, but I think there will still be some difference.

So that’s my short update. Since I have other projects to work on in the weekend, I won’t be able to knit much, so today is as good a time as any to write about the project. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope your projects are keeping you busy and entertained!

A New Project – Kashmiri Shawl

It’s time to fulfill my wish of knitting a lace shawl after the (un)fashionably delayed completion of my Amherst Sweater knit! Since my sister and I have still not zeroed in on a project for her, I started on a shawl for me (or for Mom if she likes it when I’m done.) I’m now working on the Kashmiri Shawl by Lana Jois, which I discovered in the Knitting Traditions, Fall 2017 magazine. It doesn’t really resemble actual Kashmiri shawls that I’ve seen, but it ticks the lace boxes, which is all that matters to me. And also, whats-in-a-name, and all that. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m using a denim-based yarn that I’ve already used in earlier projects and have frogged a couple of times now, since I didn’t really feel the magic of the yarn in those projects. But this project feels like it’s the one for the yarn. I like the way it works with the lace, and of course, the way it looks and feels so far.

Kashmiri Shawl - WIP

The project starts with a provisional cast on, and it’ll be knit on one side and then on the other. For possibly the first time in my knitting life, my gauge matches the recommended gauge of the pattern, so I didn’t have to recalculate a whole lot of stuff. But obviously, it’s not a project if I don’t make some changes to it ๐Ÿ˜‰ so I reduced the length of the shawl by omitting a repeat or two, and I changed the stockinette stitch to a seed stitch since it hides the inflexibility of this yarn better. (Stockinette stitches just don’t settle properly with this one.)

I’ve mostly gotten the hang of the diamond pattern – I have to pause only slightly at the beginning of every RS row to figure out the pattern for that row. ๐Ÿ™‚ This is maybe the second time ever that I’m trying out combination knitting, which helps with this project since there are many LLDs in it – they’re a bit easier with combination knitting. Can’t say they’re any neater, though. LLDs are my pet knitting peeve since I’ve not been able to make them look neat despite the things I’ve tried…

Anyway, I’m hoping this shawl makes a handy accessory to wear at work. How are your plans for your projects and your progress in them?

WIP: Amherst Cardigan

I finished the sleeves of my Amherst cardigan, and they fit just the way I like them! The Brioche stitching of the cuffs never seemed to end, but it finally did, icord-style. Brioche stitch looks wonderful with two colors – I like it more than the single color version – but I don’t think itsย  2-passes-per-row paradigm is for me. With my already-slow knitting pace, this stitch just takes forever.

Amherst Cardigan - finished sleeves

Does it look like the sleeves are ready for a fight? I think they are!

Though I decided earlier that I’ll pause the sweater after the sleeves, I think the tiny success of the sleeves has made my knitting mood stay put, and I’ll continue working on this one, though maybe only a row or two if I’m up to it before I go to bed, since that’s when it’s not too hot. This sweater will definitely only be ready by this year’s winter, since the band at the hip is also a Brioche stitch one and will take a while to complete. ๐Ÿ™‚

In other news, my hopes of having the 2019 Linen and Threads SAL be my alternate project have ended. Three months in and it’s still not speaking to me, so I’ll just not join this year.

Stripey Mat Weaving - III

The picture is not great quality, but I assure you, neither is the weaving…

So for a change of pace from the knitting, I’ve started weaving a third placemat to add to the two that I’d already made. No new techniques here – just multiple, uneven stripes of the two colors instead of the earlier A-B-A color placement. However, I already seem to have forgotten how to weave neatly – the weft in this one is all over the place. Maybe I should weave slower in order to ensure even tension in each pass? I’ll have to figure this one out.

Two steps forward…

… Two steps back, and almost a step forward.

That’s the state of the Amherst Cardigan right now. I almost completed the sleeves, when I realized I didn’t really like their form and fit much. Well, it’s better to knit it right instead of letting it slide and being unhappy when I wear it, so I decided to reknit the forearm a bit looser with a different decrease rate. I’ve now ripped that section out and have started again.

Reknitting Amherst Cardigan sleeves

I rechecked if this’ll eat into my yarn requirements and shorten the body’s length. It doesn’t look like I’ll have to sacrifice much – about 3-4cm (1.5″) which I think might be okay, assuming my gauge-based yarn calculations are correct. I think I’ve started hearing a whispered chant of “yarn chicken, yarn chicken…

I’m not getting much knitting done these days so I wondered whether to write anything at all, but this is as good a time as any to post an update. ๐Ÿ™‚ The weather’s gotten hot already and it’s becoming a tad uncomfortable to knit during the day on weekends, and I keep feeling like pausing this project and getting back to it later in the year. But I’m afraid my notes might not be enough to make further adjustments in the future if finagling is needed for the project, so I’d rather just keep at it, and finish at least the sleeves, if not the entire project!

So that’s my adventure so far. How are you faring in your projects?

WIP: Amherst Cardigan

Progress has been slow on the Amherst Cardigan…

As planned, I’m on the sleeves of the cardigan now, knitting both together. I’m happy I work two at a time now – makes it much difficult to make mistakes on only one of the sleeves, which I’m sure I’ve made on an old project because one of the sleeves seems different to me than the other. Either that or one of my arms is fatter or longer than the other.

Anyway, I’ve reached the halfway mark, and I’m hoping I’ll finish the rest of it faster now, since there are more decreases in the sweater down the elbow. Phew, I already can’t wait to get back onto the body and complete it. It’s getting hotter here already so I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to wear the sweater immediately, but at least it’ll be there when I need it.

Amherst Cardigan - progress on sleeves

As for other projects –

The Linen and Threads SAL wall hanging now has its fringes blocked to straighten them, and it went really well. The piece now looks gorgeous in the living room. (It looks pretty much the same as it did in my previous post, so I won’t bore you with a picture again. ๐Ÿ˜› )

Speaking of SALs, I had a look at the February section of the current Linen and Threads SAL, and I’m still not sure if I want to take it up. At this rate, I’ve anyway no hope of catching up quickly, and will probably work on it at my own pace, so I’m now wondering if I want to stitch the 2017 instead. Either way, I still have to buy thread. Since I’ll be toning down drastically on the color count – just 2, or 3 at the most – and already have a couple of colors in mind, I just have to wade through the horrible traffic of Bangalore (shudder!) and buy them.

That’s it from me. Looking forward to hearing what you’ve been up to!