SAL Progress (And a Finish)

Here’s a quick update on my stitchy projects –

Halloween MSAL

I had a lot of fun stitching this project (design by Stitchonomy.) To summarize–I made a miniature version of it on 11-count Aida cloth by stitching 4 stitches per square. I finished the project by making a Halloween-themed mixed media frame, which was totally enjoyable too.

Halloween MSAL 2021 | Cross-Stitch | Anita
(Summaries, contd. from an earlier post)
Going left to right, top to bottom –
Row 4: 01 – Hansel & Gretel, 02 – Goblin Market, 03 – Hocus Pocus, 04 – The Flying Dutchman, 05 – The Cask of Amontillado
Row 5: 06 – The Call of Cthulhu, 07 – The Tell-Tale Heart, 08 – Slenderman, 09 – The Picture of Dorian Gray, 10 – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Row 6: 11 – Snow White, 12 – Ghostbusters, 13 – Little Red Riding Hood, 14 – The Exorcist
Bottom row: 15 – De Bokkenrijders, 16 – Bluebeard, 17 – The Deer Woman, 18 – The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

The miniature project’s the right size for the framing that I’d been planning for it, and thinking back on it, the stitching was definitely fun, but I’m not sure I’ll make another project with stitches this small again. Then again, maybe for the right kind of project, I would, probably? I guess I’ll only know when the time comes.

If you’d like to know more about how I made the frame, check out the details!

Linen and Threads MSAL

I’m done with the October section. As you can see, it has a bit of a gap on one side, which might be what we’ll fill up in December. I initially planned a gradient for the border, but then realized my other section with a gradient also falls in the left half of the project. So I decided I didn’t want another one on the same side, and changed my design.

Linen and Threads MSAL 2021: Oct | Anita

As for the November section–I’ve not had the chance to come up with colors for this month yet, since non-crafty items have been demanding more time lately, and will continue to do so for a while, so I’ve had to pick and choose from my crafty pursuits. Ah well. I’ll get to the section when I get to it.

— Progress on Linen and Threads 2021 mystery sampler: Talavera


15 thoughts on “SAL Progress (And a Finish)

      1. Yeah, you pass. I does look great. When the boys were small, I really decorated for every season and Halloween was one of their favorites. My favorite pattern (which I have since lost) was for small crocheted ghosts that sat on top of little dixie cups. I would place them all over the house with a little treat under them.

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  1. Taking care of my elderly mum has been taking up almost all of my time. I don’t have time to read much or knit hardly at all, and when I do, it has to be something that doesn’t require much concentration, because in fifteen minutes I may have to jump up and do something. It’s hard to follow a narrative or keep track of a pattern when you are constantly interrupted. I envy you the time to sit quietly and concentrate on your beautiful crafts. Thanks for taking the time to share them. I’ve been living vicariously through you!

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    1. Mindless knits should help right now, if only to destress whenever possible. I hope you’ll find time for more complex patterns, your experiments, and your reading when your mum becomes more independent.


    1. Thank you, Ginny! The Linen and Threads project’s almost ending, and I’ve still not figured out the framing for it. I love how the project looks so far, and can’t wait to share when I finish it.

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  2. your cross stitch is so pretty, lots of time spent there :P. For some reason the thing that tells me you have a new blog post that we sign up to get went to my spam folder, keep an eye out on those you follow, hopefully no one else is having that problem.

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    1. Thank you! I guess if I add up all the times I spend stitching, it’s quite a bit–it doesn’t feel like that though since it’s in chunks. 🙂

      I usually use my WordPress feed to check out blogs I follow, but it would unfollow some without my knowledge. I’m not sure if that’s still the case. In any case, no technology seems perfect. 😐

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