Linen and Threads MSAL 2021 /6

I’m done with the May section of my Linen and Threads MSAL, and it was a pleasant experience when it comes to experiments.

I didn’t want to fill up the ‘feathery’ parts with a single block of color, so I tried out some gradients in this section – I moved from one color to another by using thread strands from both colors in the transitional areas. I really like how it’s turned out, and I’ll surely be using gradients for any big sections that might pop up in later months.

Linen and Threads MSAL 2021: May | Anita

The June section is out, and I think I’m done with the color chart. I say ‘think’, because while I worked on the May section, I deviated from my original color chart more than a couple of times. I have a feeling June will turn out similar, since I’m not 100% set on my current choice of colors.

Like May, I’ll have to work on the June section in tiny chunks to make the stitching last longer – because if I just keep stitching, I can probably finish the section in a day or two. 😉 On the bright side, it’s somewhat cooler these days so I find myself thinking about knitting and weaving. Maybe I’ll spend some time this month looking for knitting projects!

— Progress on Linen and Threads 2021 mystery sampler: Talavera


8 thoughts on “Linen and Threads MSAL 2021 /6

  1. Your work is gorgeous! I never thought about using gradients! I learned something new today! Thank you so much for sharing! I’ll be posting my square this Monday so, you can take a gander at it then. 🙂 I am so glad you showed me this MSAL because it’s something I look forward to each month now lol. It’s something different to do. I can’t wait to see what you so with June’s!

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    1. Thank you! It’s wonderful that you love the MSAL too. I’m looking forward to seeing your May square – I’ve loved all the color choices you’ve made so far. 🙂


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