Linen and Threads MSAL 2021 /5

Well, I seem to have gravitated towards blue for the April section of my Linen and Threads MSAL…

I’d thought of adding more colors to the light blue sections, but in the end, I went with a single color. The newly-revealed May section also has similar huge components, and this time around, I think I’ll just experiment with multiple colors.

Linen and Threads MSAL 2021: Apr | Anita

The April section also appears fuller than its neighbor. I’m thinking that at the end of the MSAL, I might just want to add something extra to the sections that look emptier compared to the rest. We’ll see.

We’ve had quite a few downpours of rain lately, and they’re an occasional welcome relief from the weather that still somehow remains hot. :-/

— Progress on Linen and Threads 2021 mystery sampler: Talavera


6 thoughts on “Linen and Threads MSAL 2021 /5

  1. In looking at the chart from the website, I see what you mean about the openness of the March block. Maybe once May’s is complete you’ll have a better sense. May’s looks kind of open as well. Pretty and feathery. I look forward to seeing your color choices.

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    1. I have some ideas for filling up the upper left section, but the newer one feels trickier. 🙂 You’re right though, I’ll probably have a better idea when I’m done with it.

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    1. Thank you, Ginny! I’m happy the bits and pieces of threads that I use are in colors that sort of work together. ☺


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