Linen and Threads MSAL 2021 /4

I eventually completed the March section of the Linen and Threads MSAL, after I worked on the border of the April section as a kind of a break.

For the March section’s flowers, I stuck with my idea of a ‘scribbly’ version, with one strand each of yellow and red held together. This resulted in flowers that are a medium dark, rather than the super-dark that brick-red by itself is. I like how the flowers work with the greens in the section.

Linen and Threads MSAL 2021: Mar/Apr | Anita

I’ve filled in the color chart for the April section, and have started on the stitching. The border amounted to a third of the section – 😮 – so I’m hoping that the rest of it will also be an easy, pleasant drive, and that I would’ve caught up by the end of the month.

I usually listen to books or podcasts when I do creative stuff like stitching, and when I look at what I’ve created, I also remember parts of the books / podcasts. Does that happen to you as well?

— Progress on Linen and Threads 2021 mystery sampler: Talavera


13 thoughts on “Linen and Threads MSAL 2021 /4

    1. It’s getting confusing as new sections come in. I guess the confusion can be contained if I’m not too hung up on making colors from different sections work with one another. In any case, it’s turning out to be fun. 🙂


  1. I often have the conceit that I’m “knitting into the piece” the “flavor” of whatever I happen to be watching or listening to. This influences the things I choose for “upper brain” input when I’m doing handwork. I want it to be something pleasant, beautiful, light, funny, or informative, any or all of the above, to give the piece a good “feel”. I do remember what I was listening to sometimes if the piece I’m working on is small, but usually my pieces are of a size that many things go into the work.

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    1. That sounds similar to making items like prayer shawls with one’s thoughts and feelings “knit” into them. I admit I’m not *that* selective in what I listen to while I create 🙂 but I hope you feel the flavor of your inputs when you wear your projects.


      1. I might add that many of them have little strands of golden retriever floof knit in them. Now I can look down at my feet and see the source, but I know there will be a day when my sweaters will be one of my only physical memories.


          1. I know. Razzle is turning 12 next week and people LOVE telling me that Goldies don’t live long. ::bitchslap:: Well, when we walk over to grammy’s house for his egg, he runs like a stallion. So there!

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