Strolling Round the Square Shawlette

I’ve completed my Strolling Round the Square Beaded Shawlette (pattern by Manda Shah), and I totally love it! I could say it’s my new favorite project, but let’s face it, every project that I finish seems like a favorite at that moment. 🙂

Strolling Round the Square Shawlette | Anita

But really, I loved working on the project. It was challenging and intuitive, and was a knit strewn with discoveries and surprises because of the missing errata that I mentioned earlier, which kept it interesting. 😉

Strolling Round the Square Shawlette | Anita

I wonder if it would have been even more beautiful with beads added in as per the original pattern, but I love the shawl as it is right now. Anyway, for the yarn weight that I used, the beads would have to be larger, and I definitely wouldn’t want them pressing against my back.

Strolling Round the Square Shawlette | Anita

As is the new norm for me, I’m again left without a yarny project for now, so I’ll come back with a new update when I manage to start on something. Until next time, then – and meanwhile, hope you stay healthy and crafty!

15 thoughts on “Strolling Round the Square Shawlette

  1. It’s absolutely beautiful and I’m glad to hear that you love it so much – nothing better than enjoying what we made!
    I like the shape, if I’m seeing correctly, it’s not triangular, right? Looks like an interesting construction!

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