WIP: Strolling Round the Square Shawlette

I continue knitting the shawlette, and it definitely is challenging! (I love it!) Remember I’d talked last time about how I managed to figure out the missing errata for the project by creating a chart-chart? However, I was in for more surprises as I went deeper into the project –

The number of stitches keeps increasing and decreasing throughout the lace pattern. In the middle of the second repeat of the pattern, I discovered to my horror that my stitch count was way off from the expected number of stitches in my chart-chart. I’d not made any mistakes, then why?


I’d created my chart-chart by using the difference between the number of stitches in consecutive RS rows, and I’d made a mistake using the stitch count for that row in the repeats. I fixed it, and a bit paranoid now, tried to double-check my calculations by using the stitch counts in the chart repeats – I’d use the number of stitches in each row, plus multiples of the repeating stitches for each subsequent repeat of the pattern. And I found that this was giving me bad numbers throughout, not even matching the expected number of stitches at the end of the body. Hmm…?

I then discovered that the chart in the pattern had marked repeats for both lace patterns incorrectly – the repeat-boxes were larger / smaller by a stitch or two. “Tragic” was the only word that came to mind. Such a beautiful project, but such unintended errors that could potentially mess up the knit. I suppose these feature in the errata as well. Somehow, I’d not noticed this issue during my knitting, because the repeats within each row are pretty intuitive, and I’d just knit the pattern ‘right’. Talk about being lucky! 🙂

Now that the body of the shawlette is progressing smoothly, I fervently hope there are no surprises in store when I reach the edge, which makes up a full third of the knit.

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