The Forever Sleeve

I’ve been knitting a blouse for my mom, based on a pattern in a Knitting Traditions issue – the Haubergeon Sweater. This sweater has a plain body, with a lovely crisscrossing cable pattern on the sleeves that caught my mom’s eye.

The color that my mom prefers was not available in the suggested yarn weight, and we bought a thinner yarn. From my previous experience with mom, I’ve realized it’s better to knit top-down for her and keep making her try the project frequently. Since this sweater is knit bottom-up, I was going to have to change the knitting direction anyway, so adjusting stitch and row count for a different gauge shouldn’t be too problematic.

Once I read through the pattern and understood it, converting it was definitely not much of a hassle, taking into account the inevitable differences from turning a bottom-up pattern into a top-down one. (Especially the visual differences between increases and decreases.) What I didn’t expect was how long the project would go on – the cable pattern has crisscrosses in every row, and with the thinner yarn, it’s taking forever! I’ve now reached the armhole, and have continued with the sleeves, because I certainly don’t want to tackle the body first and end up having to come back to these cables. 😉

Haubergeon Sweater - Sleeve
The looks-beautiful but takes-forever sleeve…
The picture is a bit blurry, but it accurately represents how I start seeing the sleeve after a few rows of knitting. 🙂

Since November has brought with it a new section of the Linen and Threads Mystery Sampler SAL, I’m going to switch over to it while continuing to knit a row or two of the sleeves at a time.

10 thoughts on “The Forever Sleeve

  1. You have such talent to be able to rework a pattern to suit you. I love the criss cross cable pattern. So elegant. Can’t wait to see your November section of the Sampler. I finished mine last night and will post on my blog later today.


    1. Thank you, Ginny, I’m happy that the modified design doesn’t look too bad. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your November section – I’m sure it’s as beautiful as all the others!


  2. After knitting my cabled skirt, I fully understand how long more complicated stitches like in your blouse can take!
    But then they are worth it, I only see the sleeve but it looks great!

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