Pullover ft. Entrelac – progress

Entrelac strip – done! In order to prevent pesky tangles, I used three balls of yarn – one for the darker entrelac color, and one each with the lighter body color for the triangles along the two sides. (Of course, very little of the light colored yarn got used for the strip.) I’m now knitting the pullover body, and joining it on the go with the entrelac triangles, like so –

Pullover with a Splash of Entrelac - progress

I’m on the fence regarding this one. I like the idea I had for this design, but not the execution.

Firstly, I don’t like that I got the darker blocks to break away by interspersing entrelac blocks of lighter color. I’d have liked the lighter color to remain stockinette stitch. I can accomplish this by knitting the darker ‘breakaway’ rectangles separately, switching to lighter-color stockinette when I’m at the breaking-away point, and joining the breakaway rectangles while decreasing / increasing lighter color at the touch points as required. But that seems like too much crazy work.

Secondly, I’d thought of making the strip go from shoulder to hip, with a square neck for the sweater body. But due to various compatibility issues with sweater width and strip width, I ended up making it more of a V-neck; I had to join the entrelac strip to the body quite a distance away from the shoulder, but still in the neck curve. I don’t like how that looks. I’d like the strip to go higher, or, as a less preferable choice, stop before it reaches the chest.

Thirdly, the joins at the entrelac edges look super-wonky, and I don’t think blocking will help here. I checked out mattress stitch based joins on a small section of an edge, but the join is more prominent there, if anything.

You can see where I’m going with this. (Ribbit!) I already have non-entrelac-based execution ideas swimming in my head. I’ll give it a few more days before I decide what to do with this project. Or maybe a few months, because it’s neither sweater weather nor sweater-knitting weather here – it’s boiling hot. I’d really hate to frog this one – it looked pretty promising – but I’d probably hate it more if I don’t like how it turns out. Wouldn’t you agree?

6 thoughts on “Pullover ft. Entrelac – progress

  1. From what I can see on the photo, I think it looks great, but it’s probably better to frog it than end up with something that you’re not going to be happy with I guess. Maybe giving it some time and deciding later is a good idea? You might find out you actually like it in a couple of weeks/ months. Good luck whatever you decide!

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    1. Absolutely, sleeping on it is always a good idea. Since I’m working on the SAL now, I can kick this off my mind, and check later if I still want to keep going.

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  2. Maybe just decreasing the number of the width of the entrelac strip by one of them? This is one something I have done yet, but I have always been intrigued by it :).

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    1. I tested the narrower band before I started, and I liked the wider one better. 🙂 Anyway, I think I’ll start a different project featuring entrelac but will not frog this one yet. Only one will eventually be the winner! 😉

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  3. There is something I really like about it, I love the “weave in” of the darker color but can imagine the squares as well, but that seems sort of fiddley and I am sure personally I would end up unhappy with my spacing.

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    1. Yup that’s exactly what I feel. I’ll reduce the ‘grandness’ of the design and come up with something simpler to stitch when it comes to picking up / joining in. Maybe it’ll go better…


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