Ideas – Pullover ft. Entrelac

Entrelac is a technique for which I always need a refresher tutorial, but once I relearn its principles, I wonder how I ever forgot. 🙂

I’d bought two colors of this speckled Nako yarn, from which I plan to make two sweaters that each have one main color and a little bit of the other color. For my first sweater, entrelac came to mind for the secondary color. (I don’t think I can go with entrelac as the primary feature in a sweater — at least not right now. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I just don’t like how it looks.)

I have started on an entrelac strip, but I still don’t have a concrete plan for the design. 😀 Here are rough depictions of a few of my ideas:

Entrelac Pullover Ideas
I do like the look of that bottom one…

While I try to refine the design some more, I’ll knit a couple more entrelac sections on that strip! It doesn’t look like the yarn shows the crisscrossing too well, but it looks fine IRL when blocked. (After all, what else can one expect from a picture with the flash on…)

Entrelac Pullover Strip

I don’t get much knitting time these days, though — I’m spending more time on the very enjoyable cross stitch from the Linen and Threads Mystery SAL. I’m close to completing the January section, so I decided to show pictures in my next post.

14 thoughts on “Ideas – Pullover ft. Entrelac

  1. Oh that’s such an interesting and exciting idea! I know you’ll knit something amazing and I can’t wait to see it!
    What yarn is that? I think it looks nice and helps the entrelac show much more than plain unicolour yarn!

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    1. Thank you for the confidence, Kat! 😉 Let’s see how this one shapes up – hope there’s fewer changes than usual to the design this time.
      The yarn is Nako SuperLambs Special Tweed. I love how it looks too – I’ll post a daylight picture sometime and hope that showcases it even better. ☺

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  2. That’s a really interesting idea to have a panel of entrelac in the sweater- I think that might actually make the entrelac stand out and be appreciated more than if it’s an all-over entrelac fabric. I love the tweedy tones of the yarn!-what colour is the other Nako yarn for the rest of the sweater?

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    1. Thank you, that’s my expectation too – just a small area of entrelac might provide enough interest to the garment. 🙂
      The other yarn has speckled pinkish tones. I’m in two minds about the color matchup, but since I have not single-mindedly rejected the combination, I’ll go ahead and see if I like the overall look. (This project is seeing a lot of trial and error 😉 )

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      1. I look forward to seeing the speckled pink yarn when you get to that stage! Good luck with all your experimenting! I understand what you mean about trial and error in designing- I’ve been working on a design for some fingerless mitts and even though I’m keeping it pretty simple, I’ve still had to frog and re-start/change design about 4 times! 😃

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        1. Lol if I get to the too-much-frogging stage, I feel bad for the yarn, and either trudge ahead for a ‘only for indoor use for me’ item, or put it down and get back to it after a while.
          Good luck with the mitts! I hope it soon turns out the way you’d like.

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  3. I like the speckled yarn in entrelac. I have to admit that’s the only way I like it. I think speckled yarn looks like a dyeing mistake. 😉

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