Tasseling Borders

I took yet another break from knitting — but only for a few days — during which my mom and I made tasseled fringes for some of our saris. We have a wedding to attend in a couple of months, and we really need to start finalizing apparels and accessories. I’m sure you know how fast time flies when you think you have lots of it, and before you know it, there’s just a week left and you haven’t done anything! 😉

Tassels on Saris

These tassels don’t really take a long time to make, but I ended up spreading my work over a few evenings as usual. 🙂 I made two-tiered tassels, the second tier created by using a half each from two adjacent tassels in the first tier. While I was chugging along on one sari, my mom finished her single tier tassels on two saris!

Aren’t the saris just gorgeous?

19 thoughts on “Tasseling Borders

    1. Thank you!
      There wasn’t any matching to done, however. We just use the threads that hang off the sari, since it’s woven fabric! Easy peasy. 😉


    1. Thank you, Ginny! We’re pretty excited about how they turned out too. If well begun is indeed half done, I hope the rest of our plans materialize soon. ☺


  1. Beautiful fabric and such nice tassels! I hope you have fun celebrating at the wedding when it happens. You’ll certainly be dressed up for the occasion, by the looks of your photo.

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