A Texturilicious Start!

After a successful stripey top, it’s time for a new project! The project on my needles right now is a cardigan for my sis that I started this week.

Earlier, I mentioned a delicious orange yarn that we thought of working with, but I couldn’t really come up with something that would do justice to the yarn, so we put it aside. And, ahem, we bought some new yarn for her cardigan. πŸ˜€ This is Nako Pirlanta, the same yarn that I used for a shawl for my sis, so I guess she likes this one!

Texturilicious Cardigan

The color this time is Almond, though it doesn’t remind me of any almond I’ve seen. πŸ˜› It’s still a gorgeous color, though. I’ve abandoned the vertical stripes plan for this project, and have gone with a lot of dense textures instead. The cardigan is raglan style, with simple eyelet-infused cables running along the raglan. The sleeves are seed stitch, and the body comprises of seed stitches and slipped-stitch ribs. I think I’ll have a better picture to put up when I make actual progress on it. πŸ™‚

This is supposed to be a winter project, and I’m knitting it combination style to see if I notice an increase in my speed. Even so, I’m not sure how fast I can knit it so it’s ready to wear this winter — even late winter. I’ll just do my best!

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        1. Oh yes, it’s definitely keeping me on my toes right now! I’m guessing it’ll become more monotonous after I split the sleeves from the body, but hey, that’s for future me to tackle. πŸ˜‰

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  1. If you have enough distance across the body of your sweater, you can do your sleeves two at a time on a single large circular needle. or failing that, do perhaps 10 or 20 rows on each sleeve and then transfer them to the big needle to do two at a time. You have to split them top and bottom, though. That’s the only way they’ll fit on the needles. The tgreat thing about two at a time sleeves is that when you’re done knitting them, you’re done!

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    1. That’s an awesome idea, and one that I used for an older cardigan. Completely different reason however – I was running out of yarn, and wanted equally-sized sleeves while using the yarn to its fullest. πŸ˜…
      The older cardigan was smaller, though. You’re right about splitting the sleeves top/bottom for this larger one. You make me wonder if I should just make the sleeves first this time. ☺


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