Guess who’s ready to swatch?

Ready for a new project

My knitting mojo’s back! (That break wasn’t very long, was it? 😛 ) I’ll not go back to the bamboo eyelet cardigan, but I’ll not frog it either — it’s folded up for now, and its fate remains undecided.

I’m all ready for a new project, though. I’d liked working with Nako Comfort Stretch sock-weight yarn on a shawl earlier, so I’d bought some more of it for a top, which I  think will be the project I’ll take up. I’ll knit a swatch tonight, and then it’ll be designing time! All I know right now is that I want the top to be stripey; I have a smaller quantity of the same yarn in a different color for the stripes. It’ll be fun figuring this one out. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Guess who’s ready to swatch?

    1. Thank you! I think I want to knit a plain stockinette top this time since it’ll anyway be striped…
      Making one’s own designs isn’t as difficult as converting it to a written design! Wish there was a way I could generalize all my tiny customizations… 😉


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