Waves – no yarn-chicken game?

Waves WIP - sleeves are doneThe sleeves are done (at least the flat knitting part) and there’s some yarn remaining for a nice little button band. I’ve knit the absolute minimum dimensions that I wanted for the sleeves, and since there’s no chance I was going to compromise with them, it’ll have to be the button band that will need to be accommodating. I think it’ll knit up wide enough, but I’ll still measure the yarn and figure out if I want to modify the style slightly to work with the amount of yarn left.

In any case, I don’t think there’ll be enough left for seaming up and setting in the sleeves, but since that’ll all be on the inside of the garment, I think I’ll find some other similarly colored yarn for it. Or maybe use some thread — I’ve never done that before…

Ooh, I might end up not playing the yarn chicken game for this project, after all… That is, if I ignore the seaming part! πŸ™‚ Fingers crossed…


13 thoughts on “Waves – no yarn-chicken game?

  1. I’d go with thread for the seaming so it doesn’t show. I’m thinking about how to seam the sleeves to the body. If you run out of yarn, no “fake grafting” but you could try finding a similarly colored yarn and crochet the sleeves to the body (with right sides facing each other, on the “wrong side” of the sweater).

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    • I recalled that I have seamed using thread in a past project, so it’ll not be new ☺ but that’s what I think I’ll go with.
      To attach the sleeves, I’ll have to crochet or try out a mattress stitch /equivalent. Thread would work equally well for mattress stitch.

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      • Your sleeves are more than likely bound off. If that’s the case you won’t be able to use mattress e. Usually sleeves knit flat are made from the cuff to the top and bound off. But, maybe you knit them sideways?

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        • You’re right, but I did say mattress stitch *equivalent*! ☺ I don’t like the thickness of a crochet seam, and that’s why I always knit seamless set-in sleeves top down. This time, I wanna try something relatively thinner like mattress stitch, though I’m not yet sure what that’s gonna be…

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  2. This is like watching a good crime story serial where you’re playing yarn chicken with the villain πŸ™‚ Keeping my fingers crossed that you have enough yarn! And I really love the colour, it’s beautiful!

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    • Lol now that would be a serial with a very specific target audience!
      Hope I figure out the button band details and finish it quickly.
      And thank you, it’s definitely a lovely color. ☺

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