Waves – WIP

Waves - WIP

I posted this picture a few days ago on my Instagram account, and what can I say, the project still looks mostly the same. After all, it’s a cardigan with a repeating pattern. 😉 While I crawl ahead row by row, I’m enjoying working with my handmade stitch markers. 🙂

I’m knitting this sweater for my mom, and have had to rip out a few rows because she changed her mind about how she’d like her cardigan. She’s a dear that way. 🙂 I’ve become quite good at inserting lifelines now, though 😛 so I just added one into an appropriate row, and the undo wasn’t much hassle at all. I’ve already reknit all the rows that I un-knit, and then some.

Now to make some progress for today…

11 thoughts on “Waves – WIP

  1. Can’t wait to see it when it’s finished! Also, love the stitch marker – shiny! ❤
    Lifelines are such a good idea, I really should follow your example and learn to use them.

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    1. Lol you don’t know the half of it – I’ve ripped it out and am just done re-knitting it (with a different pattern.) It is somewhat frustrating sometimes (I’m human, after all 😉) but that really isn’t an issue because she has done so much more for me. ☺

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