The Phoenix (My do-over pullover)

My pullover has risen again from its own ashes, and is now a beautiful sweater that I’m waiting for colder temperatures to wear! I absolutely adore this pullover! ❀

The Phoenix (my do-over pullover)
The Phoenix (my do-over pullover)

Of course, I did wear it to model it… Phew! The weather’s definitely way too hot for all this stuff. (Look at the glare from the sun seeping through the curtains!) I think I was fidgeting and the picture’s a bit blurry, but it’ll have to do.

The Phoenix pullover

So right now, the pullover’s neatly folded up, and is awaiting a ‘proper’ inauguration. Sleep well until winter, my pretty! πŸ™‚ (Did you know that’s called aestivation? The equivalent of hibernation, only, this happens in summer.)

14 thoughts on “The Phoenix (My do-over pullover)

    1. But seriously, it is a beautiful sweater.. guess you would have been able to wear it a month ago..But I guess we can wait a few more months, after all we’ve waited so long to finish it! πŸ˜›

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  1. Woot! I love finished sweaters. It’s really beautiful. The best part about finishing sweaters in the “off season” is that when the next winter comes it’s like the sweater knitted itself or something, or someone broke into your house and left you a nice beautiful handmade sweater to wear. It looks great on you!

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    1. Thank you! I like the idea of a ‘surprise’ sweater all ready when winter arrives. Yeah, I guess that’s how it’ll feel with this one. ☺


  2. So beautiful!!! Just the right amount of cables, not too many, so it doesn’t look heavy, but enough to be the leading theme so to speak! And the colour is awesome too.
    Maybe you should go for holidays to some colder country just to wear it already? πŸ˜‰

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    1. Oh yes, I too feel that the amount of cables is just right for this pullover. Plus it’s a do-over of the old pullover which also had cables along the front, so there’s that. ☺ The one I’m knitting right now, though – now that one’s cable city. But then, it feels just right too. 😁
      Oh yeah, I should totally go somewhere cold!

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