Short jacket

Once upon a time, I knew very little about stranded knitting, but I happily went and bought some yarn color combinations — 3 balls of one color, and 1 of another, thinking I’d knit some colorwork sweaters with them. Gah! If only I’d stopped to think, even for two seconds, I’d have realized that stranded knitting takes more yarn, not the same amount of yarn, as an unstranded sweater. (Duh…)

So I had these nice balls of dark and light gray with me, and I’d wanted to knit something for my sis with them. Having already tried out stranded colorwork by then, I’d realized that they will certainly not turn into a full-length sweater. My very-understanding sis said she’s fine even if it turns out shorter than I’d hoped for, so I started knitting with them nevertheless. Of course, I knit in a top-down manner so I’d see my progress and control when I’d stop. And that’s how we make a jacket! 😀

Short jacket

The yarn is of a heavier weight, and combined with the stranded colorwork, it has made for a cozy jacket. ❤ Not too cozy, though, and that’s why it doesn’t close fully and is a one-button jacket. (Kidding. 😉 We liked how it looks and decided to keep it one-button.) The button is from a bunch that we ordered online, and it fits the jacket in a weird way…

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    1. Haha thank you, Ginny! Seeing how I was mostly intent on making sure it wouldn’t turn out to be a disaster, your thoughts are an added compliment! Yay!

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