Ashton shawlette (or Happy Mother’s Day!)

I finished the Ashton shawlette for my mom a couple of weeks ago, and eagerly awaited her return from a vacation to surprise her with it. And was it a pleasant surprise or what! She loves the colors and the lace in the shawl. 🙂 It’s not as drapey as I would like, but it’s definitely pretty cozy. My mom thinks she’ll use it to keep warm during her next vacation. 🙂 Though today is not the day she received the shawl, I’m writing about it today, so I’ll consider it my Mother’s Day gift. 😉 (Alright, alright, I presented it to her on the eve of my parents’ wedding anniversary, so it did end up as a gift, albeit for a different occasion. And today, we gave her handmade cards.)

Ashton shawlette

I spent quite some time blocking the shawl, and the lace opened up really well, but the points are still not to my satisfaction. (Remember that I had the same problem, but much more intensely annoying, with the Lemony shawl? These points are definitely much better than the almost-non-existent ones of the Lemony shawl.) I used the super-stretchy bind-off described in the pattern, and I used larger-sized needles for it. It looked fine while blocking, but did I need to knit the bind-off stitches still looser? I’m thinking of blocking again, because the edge has slightly curled up. (My mom keeps insisting it’s fine.) Maybe that’ll help?

The pattern definitely has been a good learning experience with different lace stitches. I’m more confident with lacy patterns now, and managed to designe a pattern of my own for a top that my sis asked me to make! Yay! It required a lot of testing to get right, but I did it, I designed a lacy pattern. So yeah, yay! 🙂 (I’ll upload photos when I click them.)

Now to tame those pesky points…

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    1. Thank you!
      I live in India, actually. 🙂 I just use ‘mom’ while mentioning her in my posts. I call her something else entirely – ‘amma’ or ‘ma’ in our regional language. But you’re right, I seem to use US versions of words more than UK ones.
      Yes, Mother’s Day seems to be celebrated in different countries on different days. It is pretty new here in India; we started wishing our mother only a few years ago. She thought it was silly at first, now she’s used to it. 😀

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