The beginnings of a runner

Not the athletic kind of runner — it’s the coffee table kind I’m talking about. With the yarn left over from the Tiny triangles top project, I decided to first do some cross stitch, something that I haven’t done in a long, long while. Yarn that still remains after the cross stitch project — and there’ll be plenty left — will be used in a crochet project that has been kinda forming in my head.

At least, that’s the plan. 🙂

So I dug up some old cross stitch supplies — aida cloth and embroidery hoop from about fifteen years ago, I think. 😮 I’m surprised the fabric’s threads are still strong. There were also a few skeins of random colors in that bag, and I definitely need to use them sometime (but not for this project.) The cloth is big enough for a runner or two, and I thought I’ll make one for the coffee table in our living room.

I’m thinking of making three side-by-side motifs on it — they’ll all be the same motif or a combination of two motifs as A-B-A. I’ve been looking for inspiration and pinning stuff to my Pinterest board since then. As you might have guessed, the board mostly has the sort of stuff that I probably won’t make anytime soon. 😀 During my ‘quest’ for inspiration, I came across a lot of patterns for ‘biscornu‘s, which are apparently small, 8-sided, stuffed ornamental pincushions. Huh. They’re kinda weird cute. I might make one though I don’t use a pincushion. 😉

Anyway, while I wait for inspiration to strike, I’ve finished making an edging for the runner to help prevent future unraveling of the fabric.

Runner edging

And KG’s top-down sweater is going on — I’ve finished the waist, and have now started the below-waist pattern section. No photos of that for a while, though. 😐

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