Tiny triangles top

Hurrah! The top with triangles is officially done; I just finished weaving in the ends a few days ago. I’d kept thinking of this as my first multicolor project, but I realized when I saw an old, old tote bag that I’d knit — that was my first multicolor, stranded-knitting project. Of course, I didn’t know much about knitting then, let alone stranded knitting, and my now-‘experienced’ eyes see a few mistakes, but it’s still a beautiful bag, and kudos to younger me for experimenting so successfully. πŸ™‚

But I digress. That tote bag deserves a post of its own. (Add to things-to-post-about list — check.) Back to the tiny triangles top. Just in case you’re wondering — it’s the triangles that are tiny, not the top. Here’s a picture to prove that it’s human-sized.

Tiny triangles top

Tiny triangles top

Things looked fine while I knit the front and back pieces. I sewed them together using grafting at the shoulders and mattress stitch at the sides. Then, after repeated failed attempts with different bottom edgings,Β I realized that the edging just won’t sit well with this yarn, even if I made it longer. So I’ve just let the current short 1×1 rib be. It folds up but looks okay(ish), and I can always tuck it in.Β The compromises one makes, huh… And nope, the yarn doesn’t play well with blocking either. πŸ˜€

I still have a lot of the yarn left. I can’t think of any knitting or crochet project I’d want to use it for, since I don’t wear lacy stuff much (nor does my immediate family), and it’s too much work to make a non-lacy project with this thin yarn. So I’m making a different needlework project — a cross stitch one — from it. I still feel bad for the yarn that it’s not gonna turn into a clothing item. Any ideas for a quick-but-not-lacy project?


10 thoughts on “Tiny triangles top

  1. Lovely pattern – how you make me long for knitting and crochet again…I over used my arms and hands some years ago, finishing a much longed for project in crochet. After that, my arm was swollen for months and I developed a tennis elbow…I could hardly work at all because it was my right arm. Ever since then I have to use the computer mouse with my left hand. Well, anyhow – a lovely work of yours! Couldn’t you use the rest of the yarn for cushions or a bag for example? Small things like bags for glasses and phones?
    Ah, how I would like to start again…in my boxes I have many kilos of yarn. I used to dye wool myself from herbs….I think I will take a look in the cellar…

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    • Ohh, I really feel for you, Ann-Christine, I do. (I always thought your name is Leya.) Constantly being at a computer for my day job and taking up needlework hobbies have made me feel constantly aware and scared of sustaining repetitive strain injuries. I hope that your tennis elbow becomes manageable enough for you to take up knitting and crochet again sometime, even if it’s for short periods of time. Meanwhile, you could continue clicking beautiful photos! πŸ™‚
      And thank you for the great ideas for the yarn. I’m already picturing the bag. (A larger one, though… πŸ™‚ )

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