More multicolor

I started on one multicolor project, and I liked it so much that I started on another one.


This is such a refreshing change from cables and eyelets. My only gripe for cables and other textured stitches is that they don’t show well unless the color and the yarn are a good fit. And eyelets — it’s difficult for me to think of patterns involving them so it’s more work than fun in the initial stages. Multicolor fits the bill in both aspects. As long as colors match, I can still dream up numerous patterns, they’re all (mostly) stockinette stitches, and best of all, they can use yarn that I didn’t utilize much for other projects — those where I decide to make a short top instead of an oversized sweater! 🙂 I’m learning fun techniques too — knitting with two colors in one hand makes me look like a pro 😛 though it was a flop show the first time I tried to show off to my sister…