Bulky jacket

Finally. I’ve been wanting to write about this bulky jacket, but properly photographing the jacket was just not happening. This jacket was pretty difficult to pose in and click, and it’s the only one that made me feel like buying a mannequin for displaying it. 😉

Anyway, I’ve done the best I can (without a mannequin, of course), and here it is — It reaches the middle of my waist.

Bulky jacket

This is a top-down jacket, and I knit it without worrying about gauges. That’s what’s fun about bulky yarn. 😀 The initial, topmost portion is stockinette stitches radiating outward on a base of reverse stockinette stitches. Once I crossed the shoulders, I moved to plain stockinette stitches. Not for long, though. The body was beginning to look too plain, so I added a quick decoration — a trio of unaligned, different-sized vertical lines made of eyelets. They stretch a bit when I wear them, and are more visible then. I also shaped the garment slightly by decreasing a stitch or two along the way.

The edging is plain 2×2 ribbing. I stitched two buttons in the end, too — no buttonhole planning was required since the bulky yarn left holes in the garment big enough for these buttons to fit comfortably in.

I wish I could have made the sleeves longer, but the jacket didn’t really look good then, so I ended them where I did.