Ribs and more ribs top

Ribs and more ribs I was never sure about any element of this striped / ribbed top that I knit — do I stop the ribs after the chest, do I then reintroduce the ribs after a while, do I shift the ribs instead, do I want a longer sleeve, do I add an edging in a different color or make a different pattern with the same yarn, do I add something else on the body (like crochet flowers or chain stitches), do I use a bottom-to-top construction…

I was so unsure that I didn’t even snip off any yarn after knitting some starter pieces, thinking that if I have to frog the piece, I’ll at least not be left with a whole lot of small lengths of yarn. I didn’t write about it because I didn’t want a series of undo-redo stories over the weeks. I was unsure until the very last stitch. And now that it’s finally done, I don’t even want to think about the what-could-be scenarios! 🙂

And my biggest satisfaction is that the ribbing is neat — there are no ladders! After trying out many, many tricks and tips to prevent ladders, I’ve finally realized that for me, what works is simply keeping the knit-to-purl transition super-duper-ultra tight. After consciously remembering to do that for a few rows, it just became second nature.

Ribs and more ribs I knit this top using:

  • Saddle shoulder method in a top-down manner. My mom and sis are impressed with how much better this fits at the armholes compared to the Raglan method. One small step at a time towards improvement, Mom and Sis! 😉
  • 3×3 ribbing for the body, which I inverted (that is, knits become purls and vice versa) near the ribs and then re-inverted near the waist.
  • I-cords in a different color for the edgings. The yarn was of a smaller weight, and I used a larger needle so I could pick up 1:1 body stitches. This is my first time knitting an I-cord, and I’m addicted! 😛

I added some shaping at the back using short rows, and at the waist using decreases.

I’d bought enough yarn for a sweater, so I still have quite a bit of it left. I’m sure I’ll incorporate it in a good pattern!

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