Vanilla and Liquorice Cardigan — I

I was really hungry when I was considering giving this cardigan a name, so I’m calling it what it reminded me of. 😀

I’m making this cardigan from the most adorable cream-and-dark-gray striped yarn that I bought during a sale. The cardigan is nothing fancy, just a raglan-style one before I practice with a different construction style again. The raglan was worked with the ‘fern leaf‘ decorative increase that I described in a previous post.

Aaand this is how the body looks –

Vanilla and Liquorice cardigan

I used stockinette stitches for the body. Being the cables devotee that I am, I added two columns of simple left-twisting cables along the edge of the cardigan to relieve the monotonousness. (That’s right, even though the stripes in the sweater kinda relieve the monotonousness already.) I’ve also added buttonless bands using 1×1 ribbing. My mind must have been wandering really far off then, because the neck is still on the needles and it is too early to do a ribbing. I’ll just have to work on that detail later. (Come to think of ribbing, I don’t really think the neck is in great shape for a neat ribbing… Something to think about.)

Before I wind up this post –

Working on big projects gets boring really soon, so I also have another project going on. More on that later, but look at how the remaining yarn resembles a croissant! Yum? (Or I might just be hungry again…)

Croissant yarn?


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