Decorative increase: Fern leaf

I’ve been working on a sweater that’ll probably be ready by winter due to the on-and-off nature of my knitting. I’ve gone back to knitting Raglan style sleeves for this one. 🙂 The last Raglan sweater I made had invisible increases for the Raglan. For this sweater, I wanted to add some decorative element there (no, not eyelets from yarn-overs…) After some experimenting, this is what I came up with –

Decorative Increase: Fern Leaf
Decorative Increase: Fern Leaf

I call it the Fern Leaf increase because, well, it looks like a fern leaf to me. 🙂 I’m sure this pattern, or something very similar to it, already exists with a different name, but I’ll just stick to Fern Leaf.

This pattern works well for symmetrical increases, that is, a left increase and a right one that occur in a regular interval. (That way, the fern looks healthy. 😉 ) It is worked with one central stitch that acts as the ‘stalk’ of the fern. I’m going to assume that the central stitch is placed between two markers where the increases are made. The increase is worked on the right side (RS) row, and the leafy decoration happens in the immediately following wrong side (WS) row.

RS (increase): *k* till marker, M1R, SM, k1, SM, M1L, *k*.

WS (decoration): *p* till 2st before marker, TL and purl both twisted stitches, SM, p1, SM, TR and purl both twisted stitches, *p*.


M1L, M1R: Make 1 Left, Make 1 Right

TL, TR: Twist Left, Twist Right

SM: Slip Marker

That’s all there is to the pattern! I’d love to know how you find it. 🙂

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