Diamond Yoke Pullover

It’s been a while since I posted. I’d not been very satisfied with my ongoing yarn projects, and didn’t have the inclination to blog about past projects. I’d been wanting to make a yoke sweater with the yarn from the recently unraveled lacy hearts cardigan. While I obviously didn’t want to use multiple colors, all good-looking-but-easy patterns I ran into used more than one color. And I wasn’t able to come up with a good pattern on my own. This yarn is a pretty tricky one because simple patterns don’t show much on it.

I finally decided to use a simple cabled pattern, and when I started testing it out, I discovered that it looked better on the reverse side. Well, the inside will have to become the outside then… (I think that can count as a philosophical statement.)

Diamond yoke cardigan - bottomPlease don’t mind the extremely untidy-looking stitches. That is another problem with this denim-based yarn — the stitches just don’t sit well. I’m just hoping that with a lot of eventual wear, they’ll settle down and look fine. (Note to self: Don’t buy denim-based yarns ever again.)

So this pattern is what I’m working with now, and the picture shows the bottom, with a single row of ‘diamonds’. It works well for a yoke if I make a column of diamonds, while changing their size as the yoke comes along. More to come soon.