‘Ribersible’ hat

After that disappointment with the lacy cardigan that resulted in its being unraveled back into balls of yarn, my sister asked if I could make her a hat. We decided on another unraveling for that — I’d made a crocheted shrug a long while back with a lovely pink-and-white-and-red yarn, and none of us have worn it, so the poor yarn might better serve as a hat instead.

I intended to make the hat a ribbed, reversible one. (Heh, yeah, that’s why I called it Ribersible. 💡 ) I’ve already started on it, and have reached a respectable width. Now, I’ll add in my sister’s wish for horizontal stripes of some other stitch. Of course, that needs to be reversible too, or the point of the hat is lost. Here’s a sneak peek:

Ribersible hatI’ve been able to work on the hat only sporadically, and I’m just hoping that winter does not get over before I’m done with it… 😳