Macramé owl

I’ve been meaning to post about this macramé owl that I made a while back. I discovered macramé many years ago, but I’d only been using square knots then. (I’ll post about stuff that I did using square knots some other time.) And then, I don’t really know why, but I didn’t do any macramé for a very long time. Until recently, that is. I rediscovered macramé a few months ago, and have been trying my hand at things, mostly jewelry. I also started a mega-project that I know I’ll take a reaaallly long time to work on slowly to completion. Meanwhile, I think it’s time I mention the owl that I made.

Macramé Owl
This owl was the first ‘real’ project I worked on when I learned about double half-hitch knots. I used the yarn left over from one of my cardigan projects for my sister, with some cheap black yarn for the top, and some green-yellow beads for the eyes and beak. I followed video instructions by Macramé School for the most part, except at the end when I almost ran out of yarn, and had to finish the owl my own style! 😉

I clicked this photograph before I eventually added a few jump rings at the top and gifted it to my sister. I thought she would use it as a key chain; she has attached it to the mirror on her cupboard. Well, not that I mind; whatever floats her boat… 🙂

I wanna make a giant Macramé owl some day. A monster owl is still cute, isn’t it?

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