Back to square one

Yesterday was a disappointing day — I realized that the Lacy Hearts cardigan wasn’t going to get done. There’s not enough yarn for it to turn out properly. It’ll come close, but well, I need it to go over, don’t I? :/ I can’t tweak the garment to compensate — keeping the sleeves short or shortening the body is not an option because that’ll make the cardigan look ugly. And the yarn was a limited-offer one, so I can’t buy more of it. And here I was sure that there’s enough for a beautiful garment.

So… sigh, I unraveled it today. Here it is, back into being balls of yarn —

Back to square one
So much time to create, so little to destroy!

I’m going to knit something smaller with it this time. I don’t know what yet — it may be another cardigan — but it’ll turn out nice, just like it’s meant to. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Back to square one

  1. Sorry to hear about the forced unraveling, but I must admit this brought a faint smile to my face–I sit here on the couch reading this while my mother sits across from me knitting on and off. I’ve always been amazed with her skill to create these beautiful things, and remember trying several times as a kid, only to wind up unraveling it all or simply ditching it to go outside and play 🙂 All the best to you in your 2015 projects!


    1. Thank you, 2015 is looking good so far. (I know it’s waaay to early to say that, haha…)

      I guess as kids, we did a fair amount of unraveling — I was reminded of my younger days while writing this post! 🙂


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