Lacy Hearts cardigan — front left

Alright! The front-left piece of the Lacy Hearts cardigan is finally done. And it mirrors the right piece! 😛 Just look at them, so happy together!

Lacy Hearts sweater -- front pieces
Lacy Hearts sweater — front pieces

My sister feels I finished this piece pretty quickly, although I feel it’s been ages since I started. Only one of us is right, of course… 😉

I’m still trying to make the instructions for this sweater easier to understand. I was afraid that I’ll have to jot down umpteen versions of the pattern — one with three hearts (the bottom), one with two hearts for the right piece, one with two hearts for the left piece, and one with a single heart (the top) — all these versions differ slightly from one another. But then, the two-heart version on the left is almost the same as the right one, it just starts from the middle of the right-pattern. Thankfully, I found that I could keep the instructions fairly readable even if I mention just one of the two-heart patterns.

I’m thinking of somehow incorporating the hearts pattern in the back of the sweater too. Not as a vertical stripe, of course — just a little bit towards the top of the piece. I really love how nice that pattern is. (Here’s the closeup again.)

Lacy Hearts cardigan -- pattern closeupI’m happy I’m managing to knit at least a few rows every evening (though the number of rows will reduce now because the back piece is double the width of the front one. 😀 ) The feeling of progress is so satisfying, and keeps me excited about the project.

So how do you keep yourself from tiring of your long-running projects?

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