Multi-directional diagonal scarf

Now that I’ve gone back to a day job (bye bye breakie! πŸ˜₯ ), my yarn-time has reduced drastically. So much that I’ve started setting targets — like knitting at least an inch of material every day. And then I fall short of that target most days, either because I’m too tired (or sleepy) or because I have other things to do.

Since the lacy hearts cardigan is crawling along at snail’s pace, I’m showcasing a past project of mine — a multi-directional diagonal scarf.

Multi-directional diagonal scarf

Multi-directional diagonal scarf

See how the self-striping nature of the brown/orange/maroon yarn goes so beautifully well with the perpendicular-triangles pattern! This was one of the few projects that I didn’t want to end! πŸ˜€ But alas, a scarf can only be so long… (This one ended up pretty long, hehe…)

There are plenty of excellent tutorials now (there’s even a free Ravelry pattern) for a multi-directional diagonal scarf. I’d followed the one at Marty’s Fiber Musings, but I must admit I came up with the idea for this pattern before I decided to see if something like that already existed. I’d called it Perpendicular Scarf. πŸ™‚ I hadn’t known about short rows then, and was beginning to get very frustrated trying to figure out if I could get it to work without having to sew up small, independently-knit triangles. I was delighted, ecstatic even, to discover the existence of short rows. They are, I learned then, an integral part of knitting socks. I was not even mildly interested in sock-knitting until then. (Well, I still don’t knit socks. Bangalore has a pretty pleasant weather year-round, so socks get kinda irritating after a while.)

Anyway, back to the scarf. Who knew the simple garter stitch, when coupled with short rows, would turn into such a beautiful-looking scarf! Look how lovely the texture is!

Multi-directional diagonal scarf

I liked it so much that I made another scarf using the same pattern and a different stitch. The result delighted me. I’ll leave it, along with the discoveries I made then, for another post.

Now, will this be your next project? 🐻


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