Lacy Hearts cardigan — the beginning

When I moved back to Bangalore, I brought back some denim yarn with me, intending to make a cardigan with it. Since my last cardigan was for my sister, this one would be for my mom. Now, my mom normally isn’t very precise or vocal about her preferences, so I had to have multiple interactions with her to learn how she’d like the cardigan to be. Though she doesn’t mind cables in cardigans, she didn’t want cables in the one that I was going to make, and she would just like some minimalistic pattern on it. (No-pattern was what she really wanted, but I vetoed that because the cardigan would look too plain.)

I’m good at coming up with cable patterns, but I can’t say the same for lacy patterns (it’s on my things-to-learn list), so I had to look up something that I can use. After a lot of searching, I zeroed in on the beautiful Lacy Heart Curtain pattern. I decided to use just a two-column width of the pattern in the cardigan — that would make the design minimalistic. I made a swatch of the pattern with my yarn, and it looks pretty good —

Swatch -- Lacy Heart Curtain pattern
Swatch — Lacy Heart Curtain pattern

I also mentioned in my previous post about having to match cast-on and bind-off stitches for this bottom-up cardigan. I decided to go with the Twisted German cast-on and Icelandic bind-off stitches — they seem mostly similar, and are pretty stretchy.

I’ve already taken the measurements for the cardigan, figured out basic calculations for the pattern, and started knitting the front-right portion. Hopefully, I’ll have something to show in my next post!

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