Decorative piece from scrap yarn

Time to talk about decorative pieces! And scrap yarn! And how scrap yarn is wonderful for making colorful decorative pieces!

The inevitability of working on a yarn project is that after the project ends, there’s yarn left over. The problem is always that this yarn is too less to use for the usual projects, but too much to throw away — blame it on our accurate yardage measurements… 😉 The solution? Collect scrap yarn from a whole lot of projects and use them together to make something colorful and decorative! And what better to work with various colors than the beautiful granny pattern? Granny patterns have had their highs and lows in the crochet fashion world, but not many can deny the prettiness of things made by attaching small granny squares together.

Decorative piece -- Scrap yarn and Granny pattern
Decorative piece — Scrap yarn and Granny pattern

This is a decorative piece that I made from scrap yarn — a red-to-brown self-striping yarn, a blue-to-green self-striping yarn, and a regular green yarn — left over from three different projects. I started out with 2 rows of granny circles, then began morphing it into a square. The granny pattern here has one chain stitch between every 3 crochet stitches, and two chain stitches at the corners of the square. As is evident, I’ve used not only double crochet stitches but also half-double crochet stitches; and some rows are not even granny patterns, they’re just regular single crochet stitches. To put it mildly, I just went crazy with this piece. I finally stopped only when I finished two of the three yarns.

I can’t wait to finish more yarn projects so I can go crazy again! It’s soo fun and satisfying… 🙂

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