Oblique Mistake Rib Scarf

Oblique Mistake Rib Scarf
Oblique Mistake Rib Scarf

I haven’t made much progress this week on my ongoing cardigan project, so I thought I’ll write about this reversible-patterned scarf that I made quite a while ago.

I started out wanting to use the mistake rib pattern in a scarf with tapered ends. For the tapering, I decided to make increases every other row. But then, I was distracted while knitting, and I ended up moving the mistake rib pattern one stitch left (or right, depending on what you consider the right side) with every increase. But as luck would have it, since the mistake pattern is reversible, this ended up becoming an oblique mistake rib! It looked so good that I didn’t bother correcting it. Instead, I continued moving the pattern by one stitch even after I stopped increasing the end. And for tapering at the other end, I made my decreases along the edge of a single oblique strip in the pattern.

The scarf has become old and fuzzy now, but I might just make another one with the same ‘mistake’. 😉

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