Eyelet-patterned raglan cardigan – 3

Cardigan progress

The cardigan is now waist-length, yay! The pattern’s looking nice too — here’s a closeup:

The Eyelet pattern

The Eyelet pattern

For this cardigan, I’ve added the chest-to-waist decreases at the back, instead of my usual method of adding them at the sides. The decreases run at two places along the back, below the shoulder blades. Those stitches do look a bit stretched because of the inadvertent stitch-pulling associated with a decrease, but I’m hoping that after some pulling back and some wearing, they’ll become alright. Also, looking back on it, I think I should have used the same decrease stitch throughout instead of alternating left- and right-decrement stitches — that would have made the decrease line look uniform. Well, every project teaches me something new!

The decrease stitches

The decrease stitches

Now’s when I’m starting to have doubts about whether the yarn that remains is sufficient to complete the project. It should be, but I can’t risk creating a cardigan with a long body, short sleeves and no border. So I’ve decided to knit a few inches more, leave the stitches as is and move on to the sleeves. That way, I’ll be able to control the length of the parts, and make the cardigan look non-weird.

Cardigan and remaining yarn

More to come soon. Meanwhile, I’m having fun visualizing my next project — a cabled cardigan (hopefully.)


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