Eyelet-patterned raglan cardigan – 2

Since I had quite some time available for knitting this past week, I’ve managed to make about a third of the cardigan. (Fun fact: This cardigan requires about 93,000 stitches. I’m done with around 31,000.)

Eyelet cardigan progress

Eyelet cardigan progress

I’ve already split out the sleeve stitches onto holders (waste yarn in my case.) A lot of knitters use a tapestry needle to move the stitches to the holder; I don’t mind using my knitting needles, but I really think I should use a tapestry needle — it’s so much faster. Maybe in my next project.

I always find that when I reach this split point, my enthusiasm is buoyed a bit — rows are smaller after the split and progress seems faster. πŸ˜€

Now I’ve started wondering if I need to add more to the pattern. My sister and my mom seem happy with the simplicity of it, but well, doubts and second thoughts are what make the process interesting. πŸ™‚

And oh, while I was knitting, a whole part of my haphazardly-wound yarn got separated from the yarn-ball and got tangled up, and I spent a good 10 minutes untangling it. Lesson: Wind your yarn uniformly. I should try my hand at the Gordian Knot next. Literally.

Eyelet cardigan - the tangle

Eyelet cardigan – the tangle

More to come soon.


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