A crocheted keychain ornament

Crocheted Keychain Ornament
Crocheted Keychain Ornament

I didn’t work much on my cardigan project this past week since I was busy trying to figure out stuff for my new photo-blog, so I thought I’d write about a micro-project that I finished instead — a crocheted keychain ornament. I finally got my house key copy from my dad, so I thought of using some yarn left over from a recent project to make a keychain ornament. The result — a goth-style black flower! It wasn’t flowery in the beginning. In fact, it looked like a medallion (I forgot to click a picture of that) because I’d done chain stitches between the ‘petals’ of the flower, but then I didn’t like how it looked, unraveled that row, and made single crochets between the petals instead. Now, this looks much better.

Hope you, like me, think it’s cute! 🙂

And now that the photo-blog’s started, I can go back to knitting my cardigan in peace.

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